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Yamaha Oak Custom 10u/12u/14f/22u Red Japan Black Badge

by Yamaha
Sold out
SKU yamaha-bca-10j-12j-14-20


  • All original parts, hand crafted in Japan
  • Awesome universal-depth sizes on the 10" & 12" toms
  • Uncommon and highly desirable 14” x 14” floor tom on legs
  • Gorgeous transparent red factory finish from Yamaha
  • 2.3mm Yamaha DynaHoops balance tuning stability, feel, and focus
  • 9.5/10 used condition

Additional details:

  • Sizes: 10x8, 12x9, 14x14, 22x17
  • Confirmed "U" tom depth for 10" and 12"
  • Comfirmed “FT” model for 14”
  • Used heads have plenty of remaining life
  • Will be packaged in 2 boxes for secure shipment
  • Cross posted on multiple platforms
  • Offers NOT accepted but discounts can be given for local or direct transactions. Please contact for more details. 

My take:

Oak is known to have a lower fundamental tone than birch or maple. When tuned low you will get an enormous thud from each of the drums. Great for rock and metal. When tuned high, you get clarity, focus and tremendous resonance. It pains me when I hear or see drummers describe palas “loud” or “aggressive”. I find it to be neither. These drums are fantastic for all styles of music and you will not be disappointed.