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Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute 10/12/14/20 - Solid Black Lacquer, Last Run in Japan, 4th Generation, Y.E.S.S. II-m

by Yamaha
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Original price $3,199.99
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SKU YAMAHA-MCA-4G-BLA-1008120914132016

Maple drum shells have long been the standard choice for wooden drums and these Yamaha Maple Custom Absolutes meet and exceed that reputation with flying colors.

Since the introduction of the 1st generation Yamaha Maple Custom drums in 1991, Yamaha maple drums have been a favorite among professional and amateur drummers alike. 

The standard depths of the 10”x7” and 12”x8” rack toms offer the best balance of sustain, attack and projection of any of the Yamaha Custom Absolute offerings. This depth makes playing these Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute drums very fast- they speak and die quickly. In combination with the lightweight die cast aluminum rims the toms produce a very focused sound that is both traditional and modern with fantastic sustain.

Improving upon the preceding Y.E.S.S. II tom mounts which were designed to enhance sustain of the drum shell, the Y.E.S.S. II-m tom mounts further enhances sustain by minimizing the influence on the drum shell and maximizing tone. In the Y.E.S.S. II-m mount system, the number of supported points (rubber spacers) is adjusted according to the size of the tom. For example, the number of supported points is minimal for a lightweight tom. For a heavyweight tom, rubber spacers, ranging in diameter from small to large, are carefully selected and distributed in order to modulate the rumbling caused by the weight of the drum. This results in clear response and well-balanced rumble from one drum to the next.

The 14”x13” floor tom, which is mounted on legs, is what Yamaha calls its “universal depth”, and, depending on how you like to tune, can produce a high pitch with maximum tone or a low rumble with fat attack and punch. The 20”x16” bass drum is focused and punchy, with plenty of attack, and much easier to transport than a 22” bass drum. 

When you take these drums out of the box, you immediately understand what you are holding. The craftsmanship, the weight, the look- you know you are holding a quality instrument. An heirloom, even. You are overcome with a significant feeling of joy and pride. 

These Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute drums were also among the final Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute drums to be made in Japan by the skilled craftsmen and craftswomen of the Sakae Rhythm Company whom manufactured all Yamaha drums for 30 years prior to 2013 when Yamaha moved their entire production capabilities to China. As most experienced drummers will tell you, this has a profound impact on the drums’ residual value, and yet a brand-new, made in China Yamaha Maple Absolute Hybrid drum set in this same size configuration has a minimum advertised price of $3,199.99 from online and in-store music dealers.

The toms have new heads top and bottom- Remo Ambassador Coated on top and Remo Ambassador Clear on bottom. Bass heads are factory.

Drum set highlights:

Manufacturer:  Yamaha
Model name: Maple Custom Absolute (4th Generation)
Model numbers: MAT1007, MAT1208, MAF1413, MAB2016
Sizes: 10x7, 12x8, 14x13, 20x16
Color: Solid Black lacquer (SOB) #06
Tom Tom Mounting System: Yamaha Enhanced Sustain System, version 2-m (Y.E.S.S. II-m)
Country of manufacture: Japan
Condition: Used, Like new
Includes: Original tom arms (2x), triple tom mount, and floor tom legs