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Yamaha Birch Custom Absolute Nouveau Drum Set 10j/12j/14/16/22 - Sea Blue Fade, Japan, 2nd Generation, Silver Badge

by Yamaha
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Original price $4,239.98
Current price $3,391.50

This Yamaha Birch Custom Absolute Nouveau drum set in Sea Blue Fade lacquer is quite possibly the most exquisite finish and the greatest sounding drums on which I’ve had the pleasure to lay my sticks.

Birch wood has a lower fundamental tone and shorter sustain than maple wood. You would no doubt hear the difference in pitch if you were to tap the shell of a Yamaha Birch Custom Absolute and then tap the same sized shell of a Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute. What this means to drummers is that you can naturally tune the heads of a birch drum shell to a lower register than that of a maple drum shell while maintaining maximum resonance. For you drummers who dig a darker sound, birch is the way to go.

The traditional depth of the 10”x7.5” and 12”x8” rack toms provides the shortest sustain of any of the Yamaha Birch Custom Absolute offerings. This depth makes playing these Yamaha Birch Custom Absolute drums very fast- they speak and die quickly. In combination with the lightweight die cast aluminum rims the toms produce a very focused sound that is both traditional and modern. The 14”x14” and 16”x16” floor toms, which are both on legs, are the preferred floor tom depth for many drummers and, depending on how you like to tune, can produce high pitch with maximum tone or low rumble with excellent attack and tone.

When you take these drums out of the box, you immediately understand what you are holding. The craftsmanship, the weight, the look- you know you are holding a quality instrument. An heirloom, even. You are overcome with a significant feeling of joy and pride. 

The Yamaha Absolute Nouveau “hook” lug attaches onto bolts that are attached to the shell, which allows the lug casings themselves to "float" eliminating any direct contact between the lug and the shell. As this design reduces the amount of hardware actually attached to the drum shell, the shell is allowed to vibrate more freely. These lug bolts, as well as the YESS mounting system, are attached to the shell at its nodal point which is the point in the drum which minimizes interference with the drum’s natural sound and maximizes shell resonance to deliver maximum tone.

The benefits of these lugs are clearly noticeable when you play a Yamaha Birch Custom Absolute Nouveau.

These Yamaha Birch Custom Absolute Nouveau drums were also made in Japan by the skilled craftsmen and craftswomen of the Sakae Rhythm Company which manufactured all Yamaha drums for 30 years prior to 2013 when Yamaha moved their entire production capabilities to China. As most experienced drummers will tell you, this has a profound impact on the drums’ residual value and yet a brand-new, made in China Yamaha Maple Absolute Hybrid drum set in this same size configuration has a minimum advertised price of $3,499.99 for a 10/12/16/22 plus $739.99 for a 14” from online and in-store music dealers.

The exquisite Sea Blue Fade lacquer finish of these Yamaha Birch Custom Absolute drums is not available on any of the new Yamaha drum offerings. Additionally, you can only purchase a birch Yamaha drum via the new Recording Custom series, which is also limited in color options. 

This Yamaha Birch Custom Absolute drum set comes with a free Yamaha CH745 Boom Cymbal Arm as shown in the pictures.

Drum set highlights:

Manufacturer: Yamaha
Model Name:  Birch Custom Absolute Nouveau (1500 series, 2nd Generation)
Model Numbers:  BTT1510J, BTT1512J, BFT1514, BFT1516, BBD1520
Sizes: 10x7.5, 12x8, 14x14, 16x16, 20x16
Color: Sea Blue Fade lacquer finish
Country of manufacture: Japan
Condition: Used, Like new
Includes: Original tom arms (2x), triple tom mount, and floor tom legs