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20" SABIAN AAX Suspended Brilliant Finish

by Sabian

SABIAN 20" AAX Suspended Cymbals respond evenly at all dynamic levels. Their tone quality is darker than AA and AA Molto, but brighter than HH, HHX and Artisan. This new design allows for enhanced projection, ideal in a variety of musical settings such as junior high, high school, collegiate and professional ensembles. ItÕs a great choice for bands and orchestras when a large suspended cymbal that produces mid-bright sound at loud volume levels is required. As a 20" cymbal it won't be as sensitive as smaller cymbals at softer dynamics, but itÕs perfect when mid-bright sound and shimmering sustain is desired. As a series, AAX Suspended Cymbals produce a sound that blossoms quickly, much like HHX and Artisan though not as dark.