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20" SABIAN AA Molto Symphonic Suspended Brilliant Finish

by Sabian

SABIAN 20" AA Molto Suspended Cymbals are crafted from SABIAN B20 bronze and are a popular choice with band and orchestral programs. They are typically darker than AA Suspended Cymbals. They also have a flanged edge that aids in controlling sustain. The 20" AA Molto Suspended Cymbal is a great choice for bands and orchestras when a general suspended cymbal that can produce a moderately bright sound at loud volume is required. Because it's a 20" cymbal, it won't be as sensitive as smaller cymbals when played at softer dynamics. As a series, AA Molto suspended cymbals have a moderate response time and take slightly longer for the sound to blossom than AAX, HH, HHX and Artisan cymbals.