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19" SABIAN HHX Suspended Brilliant Finish

by Sabian

SABIAN 19" HHX Suspended Cymbals are hammered from pure SABIAN B20 bronze. They are a popular choice with professional and collegiate ensembles, as well as discriminating high schools. The unique design and large-peen hammering of HHX Suspended Cymbals allows them to deliver quick response with dark, rich shimmer _ while offering enhanced projection. SABIAN 19" HHX Suspended Cymbals are a great choice for bands and orchestras when a general suspended cymbal delivering dark tone with quick response at loud volume levels is required. As a 19" cymbal it won't be as sensitive as smaller cymbals at softer dynamics, but a 19" cymbal is typically more sensitive than a 20" cymbal. TheyÕre ideal when dark sound and shimmering sustain is desired. As a series, HHX Suspended Cymbals produce a dark sound that blossoms very soon after they're played. Only the Artisan series has a similar response time.