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18" SABIAN AA Suspended

by Sabian

SABIAN 18" AA Suspended Cymbals are crafted from SABIAN B20 bronze. A best-seller among bands and orchestras, the 18" size allows for a wide range of dynamics _ they can be played at a relatively loud volume while remaining sensitive enough to play at softer dynamic levels. They are ideal when bright tone with the presence to cut through an ensemble is desired. As a series, AA suspended cymbals have a moderate pitch spread and take slightly longer for sound to blossom than AAX, HH, HHX and Artisan cymbals. AA suspended cymbals are very popular with all sizes of band and orchestral programs. The main difference between a suspended cymbal and a crash cymbal is the longer sustain in a suspended cymbal. Therefore, 15" through 18" suspended cymbals are an economical choice because they have the versatility for use as crash cymbals.