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15" SABIAN Artisan Suspended Brilliant Finish

by Sabian

Award-winning SABIAN 15" Artisan Suspended Cymbals are hand-hammered from pure SABIAN B20 bronze. They are highly sought after by professional and collegiate ensembles, as well as discriminating high schools. The unique design and high-density hammering of Artisan Suspended Cymbals allow them to deliver quick responses. Although they are characteristically dark, they provide an extremely wide range of low, mid and high partials, while offering enhanced projection. 15" Artisan Suspended Cymbals are well-suited in musical situations that require a delicate touch. This small suspended model is sometimes played as it rests on a finger held under the bell. The main difference between a suspended cymbal and a crash cymbal is the longer sustain in a suspended cymbal. Therefore, 15" through 18" suspended cymbals are an economical choice because they have the versatility for use as crash cymbals.