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Original Yamaha RS-115-4 45” Super Rack System 80’s 90’s MIJ (No Nameplate)

by Yamaha
Sold out
SKU YAMAHA-RS-130-5-001

Item Highlights:

  • Attaches to two existing cymbal stands to give you extra room for your toms, cymbals and accessories
  • Minimizes the number of floor points, streamlines setup and breakdown, and reduces the amount of stands needed
  • Clamps and memory locks made of high quality diecast aluminum construction
  • Rack pipes are made of specially-treated steel to increase strength and shine. 
  • Pipes are factory-filled with cork foam to reduce noise and vibrations of the rack system (also know as “cross-talk”)
  • All parts made in Japan
  • Clamps fit tom and cymbal holders from 3/4" to 1-1/4" (1.91cm to 3.18cm)
  • Exceptional condition!
  • Very popular and super hard to find
  • Great for building an '80's super kit, artist replica, or your own custom creation!

Included components:

  • RP-115 - 115cm (45") Rack Pipe (x1)
  • OC-910U - Universal Open Clamp (x2)
  • OC-920R - Right-Angle Open Clamp (x2)
  • MC-318 - 1.25” Memory Lock (x4)