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Gon Bops Orestes Vilato Signature Timbales

SKU Gon-Bops-VTB1415

Designed with legendary timbalero Orestes Vilato, these finely crafted drums are a real joy to play! From their simple, elegant design all the way through to the sturdy supplied stand, quality underpins every aspect of these instruments. The 14Ó/15Ó aluminum shells are a shallow 4Ó in depth and rolled over at each end for a perfectly flat and level bearing edge. The shallow design allows the drums to be stacked and transported in a standard snare drum case, which coupled with their light weight, makes them extremely portable. The shallow shell design also allows you to reach under and play inside the shell, a classic Orestes Vilato technique!
Each shell features five tuning points: a simple bracket designed to house the chunky, recessed tuning rods, with supplied tuning wrench to increase or decrease tension. The thin, authentic feeling heads are held in place by perfectly round, pressed-steel hoops. In addition, the included sturdy, double-braced stand offers large wing nuts for quick, easy adjustment, and large memory locks to hold everything securely in place.
The shallow, lightweight aluminum shells produce deep rich tones to accompany their initial bright, clear attack. Rim shots produce full, warm, loud tones, accompanied by high-pitched overtones, a result of the thin, aluminum shells. The cascara is warm, but loud enough to be heard through any wall of sound!