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Carter Beauford Yamaha Recording Custom Zildjian replica A K Z LP DW

Sold out

For sale is a very rare replica kit of one of the world's most renowned drummers of the 90’s and early 2000’s, Carter Beauford of the Dave Matthews Band.

The owner of this collection spent over ten painstaking years recreating this drum set to precisely mimic Carter’s drum set of the 2001-2004 era. This exact configuration can be seen on such live recordings as Live at The Gorge 2002 and Live at Central Park 2003. Ninety-five percent or more of the items contained within this collection have been discontinued by the manufacturer or significantly altered in terms of production practices, materials used or location. For example, the rack system contained within has been discontinued by Yamaha since the late 90's and the Yamaha Recording Custom drums included in this collection were made using Hokkaido Birch sourced in Japan and made by the famous Sakae Drum Facility in Osaka, Japan as opposed to the newer Recording Custom models which are made using Chinese Birch and made in China by a new manufacturer. The drummer (or fan) that buys this kit is getting a part-for-part, complete Carter Beauford replica kit circa 2001-2004, not just any drum set with a left-side ride.

What you'll receive with this purchase:


Yamaha Recording Custom drums in Piano Black Lacquer (except for the bass drum which is a custom-painted Piano Black to Natural wood fade Lacquer). All toms are equipped with the Yamaha Enhanced Sustain System (YESS) mounts. 


  • 8x8 TT908Y Rack Tom
  • 10x9 TT910Y Rack Tom
  • 12x10 TT912Y Rack Tom
  • 13x11 TT913Y Rack Tom
  • 14x12 TT914Y Rack Tom
  • 18x16 FT918Y Floor Tom
  • 22x16 BD922Y Bass Drum
  • 13x5.5 SD2355 Steel Snare


All cymbals in this collection are Zildjian, as used by Carter during the specified time period. 

  • 13" K/Z Special Hi Hat Pair
  • 20" A Custom Flat Ride
  • 20" A Custom Projection Ride
  • 18" K Dark Crash Medium Thin
  • 17" K Dark Crash Medium Thin
  • 14" K Dark Crash Thin
  • 18” Oriental Trash China
  • 19" K China
  • 10" A Custom Splash
  • 9" Oriental FX Trash Splash
  • 10" K Splash
  • 8" Avedis Splash
  • 6.5" Zil-Bel


The hardware of Carter's kit is one of the most iconic and compelling aspects of his drum set. With this purchase you will receive his expertly designed Yamaha Super Rack System with all the necessary memory locks, mounting clamps and cymbal holders, all mounted on double-braced Yamaha 800 series boom stands. All hardware is Yamaha unless otherwise noted.

  • (x6) 800 Series Double Braced Boom Stands 
  • (x2) 130cm Super Rack System Rack Pipe
  • (x2) 115cm Super Rack System Rack Pipe
  • (x2) 100cm Super Rack System Rack Pipe
  • (x9) Universal Open Clamps
  • (x16) Right Angle Clamps
  • (x25) 3.18cm Memory Locks
  • (x3) CSAT940 Cymbal Attachment
  • (x4) CL940 Tom Holders with memory locks
  • (x1) Short Boom Arm
  • (x4) Medium Boom Arm
  • (x1) 800 Series Snare Stand
  • (x1) DW 9000TB 2 Leg Hi Hat Stand
  • (x1) DW 9002 Double Bass Kick Pedal with DW Hardcore Beaters
  • (x1) LP single clamp
  • (x1) LP mini everything rack


The percussion elements of Carter's kit distinguished him from many other drummers of the time, and even today. He is famous for his use of cowbell, jam blocks and chimes interspersed with his playing to create a more percussive sound then he was able to achieve with drums and cymbals alone.

  • LP Medium Pitch Jam Block (x1)
  • LP Ridge Rider Classic Cowbell (x1)
  • LP Granite Blocks (x1)
  • LP 72 Whole Tone Double Row Chimes (x1)
  • LP Standard Agogo Bells (x1)
  • LP Black Beauty (x1)


A key element to achieving Carter's sound is not only the drums used (Recording Customs) but also the drum heads used. The use of the Black Resonant heads reduces the sustain on the toms and, in addition to the tuning of the drums, gives this kit Carter's signature sound.


Batter - Evans HD
Resonant - Evans 300 Hazy


Batter - Evans Clear G2
Resonant - Evans Black Resonant

Bass Drum:

Batter - Evans EQ3
Resonant - Evans Black Resonant


As if owning this kit won't be inspiration enough, we are also including the following items. 

  • Softshell drum bags for all drums
  • (x1) Zildjian Cymbal bag for storage
  • (x1) Pearl percussion tray which can be mounted to the left-most 800 boom stand to hold any ancillary percussion you may have
  • (x2) Brand new sets of Pro-Mark Carter Beauford Signature drum sticks - This is the model Carter played from his early professional career through switching his endorsement to Vic Firth around 2005/2006
  • (x1) Pre-owned Dave Matthews Band Live at the Gorge 2002 DVD
  • (x1) Pre-owned Dave Matthews Band Live at Central Park 2003 DVD
  • (x1) Pre-owned Carter Beauford Under the Table and Drumming DVD


All drums are in mint condition with only a few superficial marks on the exterior. Of all the drums, the 14” has a few dents on the exterior and a few dents on the interior but none that break the inner lacquer seal and one only small dent that does. These minor blemishes do not affect the sound of that drum in the slightest and will never be noticed when the kit is set up in all its glory. All cymbals are in mint condition with full, intact Zildjian logos on top and bottom. Cymbals are subject to minor finger prints and patina. All stands and hardware are fully functional with only minor, if any, imperfections that do not affect function.

The antique bell (mounted on top of Zil-Bel) IS NOT included in this listing. However, I can help you find a suitable replacement if so desired.


The price of this kit takes into consideration a variety of key factors. Chiefly among them is the cost of each included item sold separately on the used market. In addition to the market cost of each item, rarity, time and completeness are contributory factors to the final price. That being said, I welcome serious offers and will consider offers very carefully before deciding.


As this is a high ticket item, it may be difficult for the end buyer to come up with a large sum in a single transaction. I am open to discussing options regarding assistance with paying. Please contact me for more info.


I will send the buyer a YouTube video on how to properly reconstruct the set and will also make myself available via phone for additional guidance should the video prove insufficient. If the buyer is within 10 hours driving distance of NYC, I will personally deliver these drums and take the time to set them up alongside of you.  


These items will be packed with extreme care. To reduce the number of boxes used, drums may be nested (ie. packed inside one another, padded with bubble wrap, cardboard and enough room to avoid damage to the interior of the shells.) Cymbals will be individually bubble wrapped and stacked on top of each other, again, to save on the number of boxes used, which ultimately will reduce the shipping cost. Each piece of hardware will be wrapped in bubble wrap. 


Due to the nature and size of this kit, these items will be shipped to the buyer in multiple packages or via a freight carrier. As a placeholder, I've listed a shipping cost of $800 however should the actual shipping cost be less than this, I will absolutely refund the difference. Conversely, if the shipping cost is significantly greater (in excess of a $200 difference), then I will request this cost from the buyer. By purchasing this kit you are agreeing to the shipping terms and costs.


This is a one of a kind, once-in-a-lifetime, limited-time opportunity - it is also a high ticket item and I want you to feel comfortable with your purchase. If you have any questions what so ever, please feel free to send me a message. I have disclosed as much as I can think of for the moment and will continue to provide requested information timely and with full transparency.