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1970’s Ludwig Vistalite 12/16/20 - Clear

by Ludwig
Sold out
SKU ludwig-vista-12-16-20-clear

In 1976....

A clear classic 12"x8" Vistalite tom sold new for $89.
A clear classic 16"x16" Vistalite tom sold new for $134.
A clear classic 20"x14" Vistalite bass drum sold new for $164.

For a total of $389.

In 2019 money....

$89 = $400.57
$134 = $603.10
$164 = $738.12

Total = $1,741.79

A 2019 Vistalite 3 piece will set you back $2,199 and does not have the vintage vibe of this ultra clean, 1970's vista. Save your wallet, save your back, and look ultra cool with this undersized Vista 3 piece.


Deal Highlights

  • Highly sought after vintage drums
  • 12/16/20 configuration. Yes, 20” bass drum! 
  • Drums are in very good condition for their age
  • Minimal scratches and swirling, barely visible in person and even harder to photograph. Certainly nothing a little Novus couldn’t fix. 
  • Chrome is in generally excellent  condition
  • Bass drum hoops have seen better days but could be refinished if the new owner chooses
  • Includes original single tom bass drum mount but non-original floor tom legs