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19" Zildjian Z Custom Medium Crash

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Just like the other cymbals in the Z Custom line, this 19" Zildjian Z Custom Medium Crash projects for days! It has a beautiful bright tone, and to be honest, I do prefer the darker sound of K's, but I'm in love with this crash. Why, you ask? Well, the 19" size makes the cymbal's tone deeper than any other size. When comparing this cymbal next to my beloved 18" EAK crash, I can still notice the deeper pitch due to the 19" size. For me, that's huge. The shimmer this cymbal puts out beats any A Custom any day of the week. Great for crashes, great for cymbal swells. The only Z Custom crash Zildjian made bigger than the 19" was the 20", and those are even more rare than the 19's. So grab this 19" Zildjian Z Custom Medium Crash while you can and hang on to it because you won't find another, especially in this condition, any time soon.