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14x6.5 Yamaha SD2096 Seamless Steel Snare Japan

by Yamaha
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Original price $549.99
Current price $423.99

This 14x6.5 Yamaha SD2096 Seamless Steel Snare is in mint condition.

Steel snare drums are known for their brightness and are great for most styles of music. The Yamaha SD2096 has a lot of “beef” and depth of sound given the 6.5” shell depth. It’s a “workhorse” of a snare. The newer, Made in Taiwan steel snares have a minimum advertised price of $549.99 for a 14"x7", and $499.99 for a 14"x5.5" from online and in-store retailers.

Here are some interesting facts about the Yamaha SD2096 Seamless Steel Snare:

  • The Yamaha SD2095 & Yamaha SD2096 are the only Yamaha Seamless Steel Snare models produced since 1989
  • The Yamaha SD2095 & Yamaha SD2096 are the only Yamaha Steel Snare models to feature dual tensioners (Strainer side and butt side) since the 1980’s. 
  • The Yamaha SD2095 & Yamaha SD2096 are the only Yamaha Steel Snare models featuring the Yamaha H-Type Strainer. These strainers were top of the line and resulted in a much smoother action and were more expensive to produce, therefore, the Yamaha H-Type was reserved for the high end Yamaha snare models. Conversely, the lower-end Yamaha models such as the SD246/256 utilize the P-Type strainers. 
  • The Yamaha SD2095 & Yamaha SD2096 are the second to last steel snare models produced in Japan by the Sakae Rhythm Company before Yamaha moved their entire production capabilities to China in 2013. 

This drum comes with factory snares, a nearly new Remo Controlled Sound batter head and a new Remo Ambassador Snare Side head.  

Drum Highlights:

Manufacturer: Yamaha
Model Number: SD2096
Diameter: 14”
Depth: 6.5”
Shell thickness: 1.2mm
Hoop thickness: 2.3mm
Strainer Type: H-Type
Butt Type: 
Country of manufacture: Japan
Condition: Used, Like New