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14”x6” Yamaha VSD1460 Vintage Series Maple Snare Drum - Vintage Black

by Yamaha
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Drawing inspiration from the vintage sound of thinner drums with reinforcement rings of yesteryear, and even the highly-coveted 13”x6.5” Yamaha MSD1365SJ Steve Jordan signature maple snare drum, the 14”x6” Yamaha VSD1460 Vintage Series Maple Snare Drum delivers on precisely the goal of which Yamaha set out: warm, fat, woody, and classic.  

To accomplish this goal, Yamaha R&D combined a four-ply maple shell with six-ply maple reinforcement-rings, 60-degree bearing edges, a 2.7 mm snare bed and an eight-lug design for more shell vibration and a woody tone. Prior to the breakthrough development of the 14”x6” Yamaha VSD1460 Vintage Series Maple snare drum, most snare drums of this type were only available from small boutique companies with high price-tags, and Yamaha sought to make this sound more widely affordable and available.

This 14”x6” Yamaha VSD1460 Vintage Series Maple Snare Drum was also made in Japan by the skilled craftsmen and craftswomen of the Sakae Rhythm Company which manufactured all high-end Yamaha drums for 30 years prior to 2013 when Yamaha moved their entire production capabilities to China. As most experienced drummers will tell you, this has a profound impact on the drums’ residual value.

Drum highlights:

Manufacturer:  Yamaha
Model name: Vintage Series Maple Snare
Model numbers: VSD1460
Sizes: 14”x6”
Color: Vintage Black
Shell Construction: 4-ply maple shell with 6-ply maple reinforcement rings
Country of manufacture: Japan
Condition: Showroom, Like new
Heads: Original Yamaha Clear Snare-Side head by Remo;  Remo Ambassador Coated batter
Deal terms: Offers gladly welcome