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13"x11” Yamaha TT913Y Recording Custom Rack Tom Piano Black Lacquer

by Yamaha
Sold out

Drum Highlights:

  • 13" x 11" size - rare and getting harder to find
  • Equipped with Yamaha Enhanced Sustain System (Y.E.S.S.)
  • Handcrafted in Sakae drum facility in Osaka, Japan
  • Minimal wear, lacquer is in great condition
  • New-ish Evans drum heads

For Yamaha drummers and many recording studio professionals, producers and audio engineers, no drum is more quintessential to drumming since the 1980's than the Yamaha Recording Custom. Once touted as the most recorded drum in history, these Made in Japan drums are getting hard to find, especially in Piano Black Lacquer. 

When Yamaha first conceptualized drum-making, they leaned on their expertise in building pianos as a starting point for spectacular, high-gloss lacquer finishes. One of the first finishes made available when the Recording Custom drum line was introduced was Piano Black and Piano White. The reason for this was simple - they were already heavily experienced in making instruments with these exquisite finishes. 

An early adopter of the Yamaha Recording Custom drum line was the world renowned, professional drummer Steve Gadd, who played on Piano Black Lacquer Recording Customs since the early 1980's.