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13”x6” CUSTOM 9-ply, 9mm Yamaha Birch Snare Drum - Vintage Natural, built for Teddy Campbell, one of a kind!

by Yamaha
Sold out

This is the crown jewel of my personal Yamaha collection.

This is a one of a kind, custom snare drum built for Teddy Campbell. From what I can see this is a thicker 9-ply shell which I am assuming would be 9mm thick since the standard Birch Custom/Maple Custom shells were 6-ply, 6mm. Yamaha also never made a 13x6 bitch as a standard production model.

This snare cranks! Dual strainer system gives you total control.

This is not just a standard production shell with an engraved name on the badge. This shell is COMPLETELY CUSTOM, ONE OF A KIND.

Last but not least, this drum is in perfect condition. Maybe Teddy used this on tour and was really well cared-for, or maybe it just sat in his personal collection.

I’ve priced the drum considering all these factors, but I will entertain offers. Get in touch so we can discuss!