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12”x8” Yamaha ATT1012J Maple Custom Absolute Rack Tom - Plum

by Yamaha
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Maple drum shells have long been the standard choice for wooden drums and the Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute meets and exceeds that reputation with flying colors.

Since the introduction of the 1st generation Yamaha Maple Custom drums in 1991, Yamaha maple drums have been a favorite among professional and amateur drummers alike.

The “jazz” depth of the 12”x8” Yamaha ATT1012J Maple Custom Absolute tom drum provides the longest sustain of any of the Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute offerings. This depth makes playing these Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute drums very easy and very fun.

The person who buys this 12”x8” Yamaha ATT1012J Maple Custom Absolute likely already has a matching kit with “force” depth drums and wants to experiment with a shallower drum shell. Or, one might buy this drum to convert it to a custom side snare. Either way, this is a top of the line Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute for a fantastic price.

This 12”x8” Yamaha ATT1012J Maple Custom Absolute tom drum was also made in Japan by the skilled craftsmen and craftswomen of the Sakae Rhythm Company which manufactured all high-end Yamaha drums for 30 years prior to 2013 when Yamaha moved their entire production capabilities to China. As most experienced drummers will tell you, this has a profound impact on the drums’ residual value.

Drum highlights:

Manufacturer:  Yamaha
Model name: Maple Custom Absolute (1000 Series)
Model numbers: ATT1012J
Sizes: 12”x8”
Color: Plum Maple
Tom Tom Mounting System: Fitted for Yamaha Enhanced Sustain System, Y.E.S.S.
Country of manufacture: Japan
Condition: Used, Like new- other. See pictures. 
Heads: None
Deal terms: Offers gladly welcome

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