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12" Bosphorus Cymbals EBC Series Fx China


Very sensitive mini china. The part of the side is very thin instead of the middle part and the cup. The middle part is deep hammered and there are 6 holes, each of those are 1,5 cm diameter. This instrument is especially for effect type of things, using it in solo situation with fast linear chops and also great for playing fast 8th notes in Jungle/Drum’n’Bass music. Very short resonance, rich in mid frequencies and not too much high frequency. Also very unique sound.

EBC Series consist from original and uniquely designed cymbals for today’s trending musical needs such as electronic, techno and groovy music and offers a new solution with acoustic cymbals for many genres which usually filled up with electronic equipment. Also each cymbal of the line will be a strong alternative individually for the drummers who are seeking for new sounds for their drum sets.