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About That Drum Guy

Judah Parness aka. That Drum Guy

Anyone that knows me even a little can tell you that drums and drumming are woven into my DNA. I have been buying and selling online since 2008 and through this experience I have learned a great deal about various drum and cymbal brands. Equally, sharing my love for drums and helping drummers find the best gear and the right gear is also part of my DNA.

As a buyer, seller, and authorized dealer for many drum and cymbal manufacturers, I have been fortunate to experiment with different tone woods, cymbals, and learning various companies which puts me in a unique position to help drummers, as not many have the means to experiment in the way that I have. I consider myself a "relationship" guy and am building That Drum Guy on helping customers achieve their goals and excellent customer service.

Feel free to reach out if you need any help or advice.

Happy Drumming,

Judah Parness, aka. That Drum Guy